The history of Toddy dates back to 1964 when Todd Simpson, a chemical engineering graduate from Cornell, first tasted a cup of coffee created with a liquid concentrate made by an ancient Peruvian process.

Inspired by the smooth taste, Simpson developed and patented the Toddy® Cold Brew System that creates a superior-tasting cup of coffee with 67% less acid than its hot brewed counterpart. Since then, more than a million units have been sold and now you are just as likely to see a Toddy System on your neighbor's countertop as you are seeing one at your local coffee shop.

The family owned company is now based out of Loveland, Colorado after making their home in Houston, Texas until 2010. Toddy is the leader in cold brewed coffee and tea; our products have been recognized by leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Food Network, and more.

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