Just say no to Decaf Dumping

Dumping decaf? Toddy can help.

We all want to serve our customers the highest quality coffee we can and sometimes that means making sacrifices to ensure the freshest cup. When I worked in a café, we would brew fresh coffee every hour dumping out whatever was left over from earlier. With our regular coffees, we would maybe throw out a cup or so at most each time. Quite often we went through it quick enough that maintaining freshness was not really a concern. On the other hand, we frequently ended up dumping near full airpots of decaffeinated coffee. We would try to stretch it out; sometimes going three or so hours without brewing more decaf. We dumped less, but served stale coffee. For those that ordered it, the cup of coffee didn't reflect well on our mission of quality.

But decaf is coffee after all. In the ever increasing desire to offer the highest quality possible, we are seeing the availability of really wonderful decaffeinated coffees. Coffee farmers all over the world are putting more and more effort into producing green beans to meet that quality demand. Decaffeinating processes have become subtler in approach, without harsh chemicals. This encourages importers to decaffeinate green beans that they may have traditionally reserved for regular coffee. Only 10-20 percent of coffee shop customers order a decaf beverage, but demand for decaf coffee is there. I do not know of a shop that does not offer it. Café owners want to provide quality across the board. They are paying good money for fair/direct trade, organic, Swiss water processed decaffeinated coffees, and I imagine that they would rather not watch it be dumped down the drain.

We, at Toddy, have a solution. Meeting that important, yet small demand in a big way: Brew your decaf in a Toddy® Cold Brew system! The resulting coffee concentrate will retain its fresh taste for up to 2 weeks. Which means it will always be ready to go, one cup at a time, until it's gone. No more pouring your decaf down the drain, no more waste. The Toddy® Cold Brew System will preserve the quality of your coffee and get the most out of your decaf. Say no to decaf dumping. Say yes to cold brewing with the Toddy® Cold Brew System! Better for you, better for the roaster, better for the farmer and most of all, better for your customers.