Tea the Toddy® way is Wonderful!

That's right folks; Toddy Cold Brew Systems are not limited to coffee, tea can also be brewed cold. How, you say? Well, add nine cups of water for every ½ pound of loose leaf tea, let steep for 12 - 18 hours, drain, and voila, you've got tea concentrate. It's that simple. If you like it hot, add 1 part of concentrate to 7 parts of freshly boiled water. It's the convenience of a teabag, but with the quality of loose-leaf tea. Want something a little more refreshing, pour the concentrate over ice and top off with cold water using the same 1:7 ratio. Since it is brewed cool and served cold, it does not instantly melt your ice and become a luke-warm watery mess. Whether you like hot or cold, the resulting cup is lower in acidity and caffeine than traditional hot extraction methods making that cup of tea an even healthier beverage.

Why cold brew tea? Gone are the worries of over-steeping and being left with astringent and tannic tea too bitter to enjoy. In fact, the cold brewed concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks and still taste fresh; smooth and delicious not bitter and stale. The concentrated nature of cold brewed tea, also, makes it a great option for adding a little antioxidant boost to fruit smoothies or making a quite marvelous green tea frappé. Try steaming an ounce or two with some milk for a different take on the latté.

But that's not all our tea can do... steep some fresh berries or sliced fruit with the tea, for a naturally flavored fruit tea. Experiment with herbs such as mint, basil, and thyme, or chamomile. Ever wanted to create your own Chai tea concentrate? Brew black tea with your own unique blend of spices, then stir in a little sweetener and steam with milk for a proprietary drink all your own. See our recipe guide for other great ideas for your tea concentrate.

What are you waiting for? From simple iced tea to more daring delicious dalliances, tea cold brewed in the Toddy system has many great possibilities to explore. Here's to tea from the Toddy Cold Brew System: a most wonderful union.