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The Only School That Is Actually Cool: Toddy® Cold Brew University

You already know exactly where steaming becomes frothing and you've disassembled your cafe's grinders and equipment so many times you're part engineer. All the prerequisites are out of the way and you are effectively a triple major in espressos, cappuccinos and chais. Now Toddy is proud to offer you your post graduate work on how to get the most out of your Toddy Cold Brew System and cold brew. Check back frequently for videos, infographics and more to make yourself a Toddy Cold Brew System expert, summa cum laude.

How about a quick history lesson on cold brew? Dating back to a trip to Peru over 50 years ago, cold brewed coffee has since delighted millions over the years with its rich, smooth taste. Found in homes and coffee shops across the world, Toddy is the leader in cold brewed coffee and tea.

Toddy by the numbers

The Toddy System doesn't just make delicious cold brew. It makes delicious cold brew without virtually any work. Just a single batch of coffee concentrate from your commercial unit can make you up to 80 smooth glasses of iced coffee. So what would you rather do? Pull 80 individual shots or sit back and relax? The choice is yours.

One Brew Many Drinks

Toddy Cold Brew Systems are far more than just an iced coffee maker. Craft your own signature cocktails, rich smoothies, refreshing iced teas and more with your coffee concentrate to turn your coffeehouse into a one stop shop of delicious cold brew coffee and tea drinks. Stay tuned for our latest video to discover the breadth of the drinks you can make with a single batch.

The Perfect Drink

Summer is fast approaching, which means coffee shops will soon be abuzz with customers looking to cool down with a nice cup of cold brew. Send your sales through the roof with Toddy, the leader for all things cold brew coffee and tea. Train your team, lower your equipment costs, and delight your customers.

iced coffee for the masses

Learn how you can make delicious iced drinks using cold brew and how it compares to iced drinks started from traditional methods. The Toddy crew teams up with our friends at Copper Door Coffee Roasters to discover how the different brewing techniques impact the flavor profile and consistency of iced drinks to show why you should start every iced drink cold.

hot vs cold

The aptly named coffee expert Chris Schooley from the Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance stops in to school you on how the flavors of single origin coffees compare when brewed through hot methods and when they are brewed through the Toddy Cold Brew System.

single origins toddy cold brewed

Toddy's home and commercial cold brewing equipment is not only food safe, but delivers the same delicious cup of coffee and tea each and every time, saving you time and money in the long run. Trust all of your cold brew coffee needs to Toddy Cold Brew Systems.

the right tools to cold brew

Dial in your cafe's flavor profile by experimenting with all kinds of different coffee roasts and duration times with the Toddy Cold Brew System. Create everything from black coffee to iced drinks and green tea to coffee martinis to keep your customers coming back for a new signature drink every time using the best cold brew system available.


Serving cold brewed coffee hot can create a delicious flavor experience for you or your customers. By steaming cold brewed concentrate or blending it with hot water, you can craft smooth, rich, lower acid coffees and teas that are sure to delight even the most discerning of drink aficionados.