Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model with Lift

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The Commercial Model now comes standard with the patent-pending Toddy® Lift, maximizing the volume of extract you get out of every batch.

The Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model uses its unique cold-water extraction process to produce cold-brewed liquid coffee and tea extract that offers a full-bodied, aromatic flavor profile that translates into a bold, super-smooth taste. Brew 5 lbs of your favorite coffee to yield at least 2.5 gallons of extract.

Because of this, many connoisseurs consider the Toddy® Cold Brew System the only way to create a delicious, naturally sweet tasting cold coffee or tea beverage - served over ice, or as an iced blended, latte or frozen drink. The Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model is NSF Certified and BPA Free.

Full service training and recipes are available.