Discover the bold, super-smooth taste of Cold Brewed Coffee & Tea

Hot Coffee without the BurnHot Coffee without the Burn

An estimated 54 million Americans suffer from heartburn; millions of others also cite painful stomach conditions in which the acids in coffee lead to greater discomfort. Bring back those customers by offering the cold brewed alternative; deep and balanced coffee with 67% less acid. Coffee made in the Toddy® Cold Brew System is a perfect complement to an espresso-based business that will help you build customer loyalty.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Cold brewing is ideal to bring out the full flavor of delicate teas which are susceptible to scalding. It also skips the bitter bite that often accompanies traditional iced tea made with hot water. Cold brewing is ripe for experimentation. Create your own signature drink blends with concentrate from the Toddy® Cold Brew System - mix coffee extract with milk, sugar, syrups, and/or spices in batches to pour throughout the day. Try brewing your own chai concentrate or design a proprietary spiced coffee or fruit tea blend. Come up with something new and exciting. The possibilities are endless!

Resell for Retail

The Toddy Home Model is a great way to expand your retail offerings, especially if you sell coffee packaged for retail. Home users love the Toddy system because it allows them to make specialty iced coffee drinks as well as hot coffee that is naturally low in acid. Customers who become avid users of the Toddy Cold Brew System will also need replacement filters and freshly ground coffee - they'll naturally want to buy these items from their favorite coffee shop.

Perfect for Iced and Frozen Drinks

Cafés across the country are discovering why Toddy cold brew systems are arguably the best method in making concentrate for iced and frozen drinks. Cold brewed coffee offers a rich, smooth flavor and a full bodied mouth-feel without the bitterness that can harshly overpower iced drinks. Also, since it is brewed cold, it will not instantly dilute the ice in your cup. Keeping coffee concentrate on hand also saves time. By taking out the step of pulling shots, you expedite drink preparation while still showcasing your own coffee.

It's Always Fresh

Toddy's unique cold brewing process produces a coffee extract free of the acids and oils which quickly stale. The extract stays fresh for at least two weeks and the Toddy Commercial System can easily scale down the batch sizes to meet your needs. So there is no waste; you use all that you brew. Consider brewing your house decaf in the Toddy system and you'll never worry about dumping out stale coffee.